Our mission-“To promote the reclamation of lands affected by mining activities through an interactive and educational forum for state land reclamationists, where techniques and practices to advance the quality of mined land reclamation are shared, and recognition for outstanding reclamation is given.”
National Association of State Land Reclamationists
The Dean Spindler Reclamationist of the Year Award

The Dean Spindler Reclamationist of the Year Award

Deadline for applications is July 1st. 

This award was established to recognize exemplary work done by state regulatory professionals in the field of mined land reclamation. In 2011, a second category was established to recognize those who are producing high-quality reclaimed mined lands in the private sector.


Please ensure that you download the correct form for your nominee’s category- Regulatory Personnel or Non-Regulatory Personnel.

When completing this form, you may use additional pages as needed to offer additional details. If additional pages are used, please cross reference your answer/response to the corresponding question.All answers/responses should be concise and brief.  To accompany this form, you may wish to attach any supportive documents, newspaper articles, letters of commendation, etc. to support your nomination.

Dean Spindler Reclamationist of the Year Award

Submit this completed form along with any attachments and email  it no later than July 1 of each year, to:

Jeff Meitrott at [email protected]

Email (s) should be no larger than 5MB.