Our mission-“To promote the reclamation of lands affected by mining activities through an interactive and educational forum for state land reclamationists, where techniques and practices to advance the quality of mined land reclamation are shared, and recognition for outstanding reclamation is given.”
National Association of State Land Reclamationists
NASLR Mined Land Reclamation Award

NASLR Mined Land Reclamation Award

Deadline for applications is July 1st. 

The NASLR Mined Land Reclamation Award was established to recognize companies and individuals who achieve outstanding and exemplary achievements in the reclamation of mined land and promote the awareness and exchange of information for quality reclamation and environmental stewardship. Nominees are judged on the following criteria:

♦          Compliance:  How the operator or individual exceeded the spirit and intent of the

law, the degree of effort and innovation within the respective guidelines and


♦          Contemporaneous:  Techniques, time limits and distance limitation during

simultaneous reclamation and mining activities and the difficulties in achieving

reclamation under such conditions.

♦          Drainage: Design, maintenance, and technologies employed resulting in effective

and efficient water quality treatment for environmental benefits and cost savings

for the operator.

♦          Post-Mining Land Use:  Success of vegetation and erosion control, the degree to

which post-mining land use has been established, consideration of innovative land

use planning and site stability.

♦          Innovative Practices:  Creative development and application of new technologies

or techniques in resolving reclamation problems or promote cost savings during

reclamation, and providing long-term benefits to the surrounding community and

environment, and increase in awareness of the law.

Download Application Package

See the application package for specific instructions.

Application are due by July 1st of the year.  Please submit applications to Jeff Meitrott at [email protected]

Email (s) should be no larger than 5MB.