Our mission-“To promote the reclamation of lands affected by mining activities through an interactive and educational forum for state land reclamationists, where techniques and practices to advance the quality of mined land reclamation are shared, and recognition for outstanding reclamation is given.”
National Association of State Land Reclamationists
NASLR Outreach Award

NASLR Outreach Award

Deadline for applications is July 1st. 

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To recognize an individual (or work group) who is a positive model for the mining industry


Displays a cooperative attitude
Provides educational outreach programs
Assumes industry leadership
Participates in their community
Goes beyond the minimum to achieve excellence
Takes innovative approaches to operational and reclamation challenges
Practices environmental stewardship of the land and water

(If applicable:)

Maintains a visually appealing operation
Possesses no pattern of violations


Many individuals do things to promote a positive image for the mining industry. The NASLR Outreach Award proposes to recognize these efforts.

Individuals nominated need not be company owners. The judges will be looking for people who make a difference whenever they can. The person is cooperative with the regulatory authority in all areas.

The nominee is involved in community outreach projects for the mining industry. These could be mine tours, classroom visits, or community and youth group presentations. They share their leadership skills with trade associations, committees, and civic groups.

The applicant may have been involved with activities which dealt with minimizing the visual or nuisance impact the mining operation could have on the surrounding area.

(If responsibilities apply)There is a well maintained and cared for look during all phases of the operation. Work areas are tidy. Equipment is well maintained. Entrances are visually attractive. The site does not have a history of violations.


The NASLR Outreach Award will be a plaque presented to the winner at the annual conference. Registration fees will be waived for the winner and one guest.


Applications should include the attached cover sheet and an essay, not to exceed five single spaced pages, detailing how the nominee meets the above criteria. Up to three pages of supplemental materials may be included for documentation.

Applications must be emailed by July 1st of each year to:

Jeff Meitrott at [email protected]

Email (s) should be no larger than 5MB.