President’s Message: Moving Forward – Sam Faith

The National Association of State Land Reclamationists represents a niche group, mostly state employees working with the active mining industry to achieve reclamation (sometimes by very innovative means) during the regular mining process. We are a group that is “Moving Forward.”

Our thanks go out to Mike Smith and his team for their leadership in moving NASLR ahead.  And a big Thank You to Janet Yates and the rest of the Virginia DMME gang who worked so hard making last year’s conference in Wise, Virginia a huge success.  Check out some of the back issues of our newsletter by clicking the Newsletters tab on NASLR’s website if you want to see what went on at the 2015 and other past conferences.

Speaking of the newsletter and the website, we also need to recognize the efforts of the PRE Committee.  The Public Relations and Education Committee has been doing a yeoman’s job in getting the NASLR message out as well as reaching out to non-member states with active mining programs to try to bring them into the fold.  And this is where many of you can help too.  If your state is one that is not yet a member, or had to drop its membership and has not reengaged as of yet, talk with your management.  Let them know that we are here and that we can help them get the word out on all of the good work you are doing in your state.  We are also an excellent forum for exchanging ideas and sharing solutions with your peers to unique reclamation projects.

And please come join us at our 2016 Conference.  This year we are focusing on the western part of the country.  We will be in Bozeman, Montana from September 26th to the 28th.  We are partnering with our sister group the National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs (NAAMLP) to put together a conference that is sure to have many worthwhile topics of benefit to everyone.  Hope to see you there!