American Chestnut Seedlings, Bearwallow Mine, Va.Clintwood Elkhorn-Bearwallow Mine, Va.Students planting hardwoods on Arbor Day at Bearwallow Mine, Va.
As a nationally recognized authority on the reclamation of mined lands, the National Association of State Land Reclamationists (NASLR) advocates the use of research, innovative technology and professional discourse to foster the restoration of lands and waters affected by mining related activities.

NASLR recognizes that economically beneficial mining operations and sound land reclamation need not be exclusive of each other. As such, NASLR strives to promote and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between state regulatory authorities and the mining community.

NASLR promotes the formulation of lasting partnerships between state land reclamationists, private mining groups and other interested parties to discuss, encourage, endorse and sponsor programs that will advance the art and science of land reclamation.

NASLR recognizes that geographic and political differences between states can dictate the structure of a state’s reclamation program. Therefore, NASLR does not compare state programs, but encourages the exchange of information and expertise in an effort to continually improve the quality and environmental integrity of land reclamation throughout the country.